Book Publishing

 Book Publishing services we provide:
Free hosting of your book on Sourceseeker’s official website and affiliated sites per Publishing contract.
Promotion and sales of your book at Sourceseeker sponsored events and shows in Houston and around the Nation.
Your book will become a part of the national Sourceseeker marketing campaign. This includes help placing your book in Barnes and Nobles and other storefronts.

 Sourceseeker will promote your book in the author trade communication network which includes Goodreads,   Writers Unboxed and Write to done and many more. This helps provide connection with other authors and       promotion for your book.

 All Publishing services are provided with full payment of a contract.


Book Publishing Contract

Publishing heavy    1319.00 

Publishing Package heavy-This package is for writers who need complete assistance with typying, formatting and shaping. Package provides ISBN, copyright and extra features. Package includes 50 books and free shipping.  See Publishing contract for more details.



Publishing Package regular-This package is for work that needs a help to make ready. All material is typed but not properly formatted for Publishing.This package will properly format the work. Package does include ISBN and copyright provided for the author. Package includes 50 book.  See Publishing contract for more details


449.00 (Pay 200 Installment Get started today)

 Publishing Package light- This package is for ready to Publish work which is typed and correctly formatted.   Package will provide minor formatting and shaping. Package does not provide ISBN and copyright.But will   provide links and information for the author to complete those on their own. Package will include 25 books   books upon completion and free shipping.  See Publishing contract fot more details.

Publishing terms and explanations

Formatting- Lining words up , proper spacing , numering,
Shaping- Proper parts, author perspective, cover format,  picures

ISBN- International Standard Book Number, Number and bar code that catergorizes book into numbering system to put in book stores.
Copyright -Categorizes your legal claim to the work.