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Baruti Carl Alexander is the writer of seven books including the two newest, Obama, The Extra- terrestrial  and  Seeking the Heart and The Sword  available on

The 44th President of The United States of America, Barack Obama, The First African-American man of color accomplished what no other man of color ever accomplished. How did he do it and what did he have to overcome? Profound, thought provoking and intelligent discussion describes the essence of Obama the Extraterrestrial.  What explains Barack Obama's rise from a world nomad to one of the most historical figures of all time? This book explores the issues and myths, the hostilities and the victories like no other document on Earth. What extraordinary qualities helped President Obama accomplish what no other non white in history ever accomplished.

Seeking The Heart and The Sword is a passionate declaration of depth and feeling from three powerful brothers. Gregory Sam (Anu), Italo Bugat and Baruti Carl Alexander.  Seeking The Heart and The Sword are Collections from Three writers, Italo Bugat, Gregory Anu Sam and Baruti. Written in Blood by Italo is a searing and aching testimonial of a black man navigating in the world and fatherhood is a his understanding message of responsibility. Italo's works also includes many poems and other essays.
Listening to the Voice Within details Greg Sam's journey through the mysteries of life in New Orleans Katrina and Houston. His works include many poems including Electrical and Mathematical and 3D and VD.
Baruti's works are essays of a spiritual journey that try to help define the path and its destination. Works include The Question of Religion, Jesus was a Revolutionary and A Spiritual Awakening, Becoming Who You Already Are. Also included are four essays on his experiences in Lakewood mega church in Houston, including Journey to Freedon through a Congregation of Tears.  Pick up your copy today. The essays delve deeply into the spirit , education and religion from three powerful perspectives. Pick up yours today! at or a store near you.


   Voices From A Deep Heart II is a collection of essays and poems by Baruti Carl Alexander, which includes a forward by Lawrence A. Allen,  the essay "On Growing Up Black in Houston" , The First is that which is not Physical and The Chrystaliztion of Tupac Shakur.
Also included are powerful poems and lyrics. This work is out of print. If interested in this work send an email to [email protected]
The Heart of The Seekers is  Collection of Conscience by several Authors including writer Emeritus Mbiyu Chui, Baruti Carl Alexander, Maestro Daraja,  poet Dadisi. and introducing the works of Queston L. Van Zant.
The Heart of the Seekers includes The Story of the Rain Drum,and The New Slavery by Mbiyu, Adventure to the Homeland, and Enlightenment by Poet Dadisi, Hip hop today and music is love by Maestro Daraja, Three days of Lovemaking and The love of Solomon and Ester by Question L Van Zant, The Blackness of Michael Jackson and The excursions of C. Jonah Mercy by Baruti.  If interested in this work send an email