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 MusicVideo/Sermon "Give me the strength to Go Further"​   The Brain Source Game Show June 16th.

Next Episode Sourceseeker Hour
Can Bullying Be Stopped and Should AR15s be banned? March 7th


  Sourceseeker Hour Episode 3  Feb 20th, 2018


                                                              ​                                                                                The Sourceseeker Hour , Baruti on Afrovibes Radio        

  1. Historic Allen family Video
    Historic interview with Allen family of Houston including Texas State Representative Alma Allen
  2. The Brain Source Game Show
    The Brain Source Game Show episode 4
  3. Everyone has story has a spiritual story to tell. Tell yours at Sourceseeker
  4. Video Title 4
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Community and Chess   Re:Source   
    Check out our Re:Source page on Facebook. It is our Community voice where we share and learn from the people. Re:Source is where we talk about Sourceseeker events and activities. Join us and lets have a conversation.  In Sourceseeker, We explore the benefits and strategies in chess and other current and global information. Chess is more than a game. It is a thought process that can train the mind to think beyond what is seen to the minds imagination. Chess  was used by Kings and warriors to practice and train as a substitute for war.   Join us in playing on

Sourceseeker Activities​​
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    Title 3
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